What can we do for you?

Whether you are thinking about divorce, just starting, in the middle, or finishing... as a Financial Divorce Specialist (FDS) we...
  • Provide an objective and neutral assessment of financial options.
  • Assist lawyers and/or mediators to design a settlement proposal that will maximize client's satisfaction considering the available financial options.
  • Prepare net worth, cash flow and income statements for client and court purposes.

  • Provide a financial analysis of the couples' assets, liabilities, incomes, child & spousal support payments taking into consideration inflation and changing tax consequences.

  • Provide insights to pension plans and other investments and insurance options including ongoing protection.
  • Show options for financial scenarios with projections for a minimum of 15 years.
  • Educate clients about the tax and other financial consequences of retaining or giving up certain assets.
  • Counsel clients on budget management during a difficult period of transition.
We can be recruited directly by one or both clients and/or one or both lawyers or a mediator. An FDS can work within the collaborative, litigation or mediation process.
If you are considering separation or in the legal separation process an FDS can be engaged at any time.

  • Beginning: can help collect financial data required.
  • Middle: just in time to analyze the facts and prepare projections.
  • Close to the end: to evaluate the proposed division of assets.

A Financial Divorce Specialist secures a retainer based on the estimated amount of time to be devoted to the case including analysis and projections for various settlement options and other services.

Call today for your initial consultation, to discuss your needs and how our committed service can assist you.