About Us

Shelly-Ann Petz, FDS, CIM, FCSI, Mediator, Paralegal, Commissioner for Oaths
Shelly-Ann has been involved in the investment industry since 1992 and holds her Canadian Investment Management designation along with the Fellowship of the Canadian Securities Institute designation, the highest designation of the Canadian Securities Institute.

In addition to her investment background, Shelly-Ann has over 22 years experience in the legal field with extensive experience in family law. She has received specialized training in the financial aspects of separation and divorce and is one of just a few with a designation as a Financial Divorce Specialist.

Shelly-Ann has a passion for helping divorcing clients and educating clients so they may achieve the most satisfactory long term financial settlements and results.

As a Financial Divorce Specialist we do not offer legal opinions or advice. We follow a strict Code of Ethics as monitored by the Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists.

Why Use An FDS

The Financial Divorce Specialist arms you with knowledge that allows for action, and equity.
After a marriage breakdown, financial issues such as cash flow, asset division, child support and income are always areas of concern.

Being knowledgeable about your financial future enables you to make educated decisions that affect you and your children for the rest of your life.

Do You...

  • want to make sure you get what you deserve?
  • want to make sure your children are looked after?
  • fear where you'll end up?
  • worry you may lose your home?
  • stay awake at night, weighed down by uncertainty?
  • stress, not knowing what your future holds?

You Can...

  • make educated decisions that affect your and your children's future
  • empower yourself through knowledge
  • gain confidence
  • overcome fear
  • see the future outcome of your decisions
  • move forward efficiently
  • feel like you have been treated fairly